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1. Officials must be on time. Please arrive at the facility with enough time to park and meet with the crew before taking the field.  

2. Officials will take the field 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time as a crew to administer the coin toss, Coach/Captains meeting, and review of JFL rules for each age level.

3. Officials will be in proper uniform at all times. Black pants or shorts with 1 - 1/4 inch white stripe on the side. NO EXCEPTIONS. 1" black and white striped shirt with black collar. Shoes will be of athletic style and all black or black with white accents. Black football referee hat or white hat (optional) for the referee. All whistles must be finger whistles. 

4. Officials will not wear jewelry other than a black sport watch for timing or a wedding ring. Earrings or other noticeable piercings, chains, etc. will not be worn for any reason. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Officials must never use foul language and should always keep their comments professional. This is from the time you arrive at the facility until you leave the parking lot in your vehicle.

6. Work as a team. Communicate effectively with each other and the head coaches. Do not put anyone down whether it is a player, fan, coach, or another official. Be professional in communication and demeanor.

7. No warnings on Sportsmanship. The League has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding poor sportsmanship from Players, Coaches, & Fans. Penalize poor sportsmanship the same as you should every other rule and keep your composure when doing so.

8. If you have an ejection, complete the Ejection Report listed (above) on the League website. This must be completed following the last game of the day. You must ALSO contact the League's Coordinator of Officials via phone immediately following any game with an ejection.

9. Officials may never comment or post on social media regarding officiating, games, or anything surrounding these topics. NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. **Beginning in 2023** All Officials Must Have a Valid IHSA Football License (ages 17+) OR a Valid IHSA Provisional License (ages 15 & 16) to be eligible for games.

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Approved Uniforms


The Official Supplier of gear and uniforms for JFLOCI officials is The Official's Gear Bag.


The JFLOCI Headquarters Office has a limited number of uniforms and accessories in stock, but you can purchase from the full line of Smitty Officials Apparel products by emailing or contacting the League office via phone or email.

Visit Smitty Officials Apparel to view all products.


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